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Ron Ruelle created illustrations to run with articles for The Boulder County Business Report for 15 years. In addition to the actual illustration, he often had the luxury of designing the entire page, so the illustration isn't always pigeonholed into the space drawn up on the original layout by the editors. These illustrations are best seen in context of the whole page. Ron also drew editorial cartoons for the paper, which you can see here.

dot com comic cartoon

spam comic cartoon

networking  comic cartoon

itellectual property comic cartoon

tech training comic cartoon

provisional patent

catastrophe comic cartoon

boulder county business report insurance

boulder county business report cat scan

boulder county business report nest egg 401k

boulder county business report retirement

umbrella liability comic cartoon

stress  comic cartoon

mixed use comic cartoon

Ron also created editorial comics for the paper, which you can see here.

Ron Ruelle is a cartoonist, illustrator, blogger, graphic novelist, teacher for hire.
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