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Ron Ruelle created editorial cartoons for The Boulder County Business Report ffor 15 years. The cartoons generally needed to have a very local and/or business slant, which could be a challenge to write at times, especially on short deadline. Some of the cartoons below come with a bit of explanation for those of you not from Boulder. (That town can be a little, umm, odd at times.) By the way, he won several awards for Editorial Cartooning from the Colorado Society of Professional Journalists for some of the work seen here.

Ron also did editorial page design for BCBR, which you can see here...

Summer of 2012, someone started building a grocery store in a mostly empty shopping center, and for some reason, nobody could figure out what company it was, though signs pointed to Wal-Mart. Pretty odd, really...

scooby doo comic cartoon


marijuana colorado  comic cartoon


cu buffalo  comic cartoon


Boulder's Green Regulations were well intended, but making them mandatory kinda cheesed a lot of people off, especially landlords...

dr suess  comic cartoon


obamacare  comic cartoon


In the 1990s, Boulder fixed up cruddy donated bikes, sprayed them lime green (tires and all!) and dropped them off all over town for anyone to use any time. In 2011, Boulder put rental bike stations all over town. To their credit, both programs were quite successful.

rent a bike comic cartoon


rtd fastracks comic cartoon


tea party comic cartoon


parking meter comic cartoon


investment  comic cartoon


tax return comic cartoon


death and taxes comic cartoon


juiry duty comic cartoon


photo radar  comic cartoon


insurance comic cartoon


halrf empty full comic cartoon


water conservation comic cartoon


In the last panel, it helps to know that The Bustop was the only strip club in Boulder at the time.

boulder wifi comic cartoon


Ron doesn't normally don't do cartoons about golf unless they involve concrete dinosaurs, but the paper needed one for this issue of that issue.

golf comic cartoon 


freelance comic cartoon 


three pigs real estate comic cartoon


drought global warming climate change comic cartoon 


Boulder, despite all its high-tech know-how, was one of the last cities in the U.S. to count its ballots in the 2004 election. Not that it mattered much...


Ron also did editorial page design for BCBR, which you can seeĀ here...

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