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As a cartoonist, Ron Ruelle has a knack for seeing the words and images of an idea at the same time. In fact, a comic strip is really just another form of storyboarding, with dialogue and key frames illustrated. It's also just a way to present a script with the visual descriptions drawn out.

Here, take a look! This is a Sunday comic strip Ron created...

Now here it is remixed as a storyboard. Notice how the horizontal panels are a lot like a modern TV screen in proportion. And in color!

Another example: Here is a daily strip Ron drew...

Remixed as a storyboard, the vertical panels look an awful lot like TikTok proportions, right?

And here is a real, actual storyboard Ron did for a client. A lot of details are intentionally vague so the client wouldn't obsess over details such as why a person was wearing a blue plaid shirt or whatever.

So if you need a quick storyboard or script for your TV commercial or other project, Ron can do that.

Ron Ruelle is a cartoonist, illustrator, blogger, graphic novelist, teacher for hire.
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