Ron Ruelle was hired to create the logo for Boulder Walk & Bike Month a few years ago (many cities make this a single day event, but Boulder goes all out for it.) Since it was the 40th anniversary of the event, they wanted a special logo to be used for all kinds of purposes. Pivot Communication was the ad agency that handled the rest of the design.

boulder walk and bike month 2016

It looked great on volunteers' t-shirts!

boulder bike month t shirt

The logo appeared on the City Bikes under the handlebars, so it was well traveled!

boulder walk and bike month 2016

This poster was designed for a fund raiser for the family of a Wisconsin man who died in an accident. The single-day event raised over $14,000.

charity beer fundraiser event

For several years, Ron designed the T-shirt logos for PAWS, an animal rescue charity in Little Rock, Arkansas. Every year they picked two or three colors for their design, so he had to work around those parameters.

paws on the pavement logos

Ron wrote and designed this ad for a contest. And yes, that is his own blood in the photo.


The Space Coast War Dog Association was a charity that supported military working dogs and their handlers through fund raising, lobbying efforts, and morale boosting projects. Ron created artwork to be sent to active military dog handlers home and abroad. The art was also sold online and at shows to raise money for the cause. Here are a few of the designs.


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