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Ron Ruelle can do caricatures, but with something of an asterisk...

Pets? Sure thing! Cats, dogs, chickens, fish, horses, tarantulas... no animal is too caricatures

Ed Roth style hot rods with crazy google-eyed drivers? You betcha!

1973 buick riviera cartoon
escalade power wheels cartoon

cat in miata


Caricatures of you? Why not? *But only if he can do them in his patented style known as "Unflattering caricatures that only sort of look like you at a reasonable price." Really, he's pretty good at it!

Ron draws these at public events such as comic conventions or is available for hire for parties. He can also work remotely from photos. Prices vary with size, complexity, color, etc. so email for an estimate!

Ron Ruelle is a cartoonist, illustrator, blogger, graphic novelist, teacher for hire.
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