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An Assortment Of Unrelated Comic Stories

IN COLOR! A disgruntled chauffeur, a rat-infested village, a crumbling old man, a narcissistic game show contestant, a zoologically Christian coloring book... What do all of things these have in common? Not much, really. Except they are all the subjects of recent comic stories created by Ron Ruelle. Some of these tales were cranked out under the auspices of the 24 Hour Comics Challenge, while others were written for anthologies with a specific focus as an assignment. Some have been published before, most have not. Most are all-ages appropriate, but a couple are a tad raunchy for the little ones. Sorry, kids! Really, this stuff is all over the map! READER DISCRETION IS ENCOURAGED!

Only available direct from the author... To order, send Paypal or Venmo for $14.95 per copy plus $5.50 shipping per order to (For international rates, email Ron)

Please indicate if and how you would like it autographed.

$14.95 plus shipping
Contains some grown up stuff, some mild profanity, and a couple of well-placed F-bombs, so MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!

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Publication Date 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1502802125:
116 Pages, Color, Paperback

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