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ron ruelle 120 hours 24 hour comics challenge denver


ron ruelle 120 hours 24 hour comics challenge denver

A Collection of 24 Hour Comics Challenge Stories

They say nothing good happens after midnight. Participants in the Denver 24 Hour Comics Challenge might disagree. We have to disagree. We need good things to happen. Rules for the event are simple: You show up at the designated time and place with your art supplies. You are given a topic. You then have 24 hours to create a complete, coherent, 24 page comic story.

This book contains five stories by Ron Ruelle, each one lovingly crafted (or hurriedly scribbled) within those parameters. In this volume you will find tales of zombie space aliens, possessed bobble head dolls, hostile stuffed animals, evil twins, eight-year-old forensic detectives, and other things that only come to mind at ridiculous hours of the night.

It also features the story "The Rubber Band Theory of the Universe," which has never been published elsewhere, and four other stories that also appear in previous, hard-to-find 24HCC compilations.

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ron ruelle 120 hours 24 hour comics challenge denver

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