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From 1995 to 1998, Ron Ruelle drew a syndicated daily comic strip called "At the Zu" (a title he still hates, by the way). After its run in the papers ended, he continued drawing Sunday strips for his website, renaming the strip "Darwin & Company", which is what he wanted to call it in the first place. The strips on this page are from those later years. These are all converted from GIF files, so the colors aren't as good as some of Ron's later work. But the ideas are still pretty good.

And by the way, he was using the name Darwin for a monkey long before that show on Nickelodeon started using it. The entire run of these strips is available in three books. Buy them all today!

darwin cartoon


chess comic cartoon


zoo comic cartoon


email scam  comic cartoon


football comic cartoon


harsh lesson comic cartoon


motivational comic cartoon


zebra ostrich comic cartoon


popcorn scam comic cartoon


autmun poem comic cartoon


time change comic cartoon


snowball fight comic cartoon


kwanzaa comic cartoon


star trek comic cartoon

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