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Ron Ruelle has been drawing cartoons since kindergarten, when his grandmother gave him a treasure trove of comic books to read. Since she worked at a comic book publisher, comics were seen as a legitimate form of literature in the Ruelle household. (In fact, they were about the only form of literature in the house...)

Inspired by this good fortune, Ron set out to be the next Charles Schulz (failing that, he then tried to be the next Al Jaffee, then the next Berkeley Breathed, then the next Matt Groening, then the next Daniel Clowes. Right now he's happy to have projects that actually have deadlines, publishers, and invoices at the end.)

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Ron drew a daily syndicated comic strip called "At the Zu" from 1995-98. Sadly, the strip never quite reached the popularity of "Peanuts" and he had to move on.

Ron lives in Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina not far from the beach. He was in the Boulder/Denver, Colorado for over 20 years before that. In addition to comics, he is a freelance writer (editorial and advertising and working on a book of very, very short stories) and also teaches comics, graphic design, and software (mostly Adobe Creative Suite). He's willing to listen to offers from folks who are willing to exchange cash for his hard work and cartoonistic expertise.

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