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Ron Ruelle writes about all kinds of fun stuff, much it for actual work! He also maintains his own blog just for fun. Here are some of his favorite pieces. He is also really good with WordPress and various SEO tools.
(Please note: many of these will go to archived version of the articles, so links on those pages will be static.)


Ron writes for several websites about fandom, geek culture, science fiction, and other cool things. Here are a few recent articles.

From Marvel to Marbles to Mar-Vell to Ms.: The Crazy History of Captain Marvel
One of Ron's favorite articles ever. Bizarre and true and pretty darn funny! (hobbyDB)

Cheers to the Bus Driver, Especially These 10 Fictional Ones!
True story, this was actually written while Ron's car was in the shop and he had to bus to work. (hobbyDB)

12 Superhero Toys That Are Super Hard To Explain
Some seriously weird superhero stuff. Ron had many of these as a kid, which explains things. (hobbyDB)

D’oh! Woohoo! Matt Groening Enters Pop Culture Hall of Fame
From "Life in Hell" to "The Simpsons" to "Futurama," Groening's impact is perfectly cromulent. (Pop Culture Hall of Fame)

Future of Pop Culture Hall of Fame Includes Syd Mead
Ode to a visual designer who shaped the future of pop culture. (Pop Culture Hall of Fame)

Super Productive Kathleen Kennedy Joins Pop Culture Hall
Her movies have made tens of billions of dollars and you probably don't know her. (Pop Culture Hall of Fame)


Ron's vast knowledge of automobilia comes in handy while writing for several magazines and websites.

How the Colorado License Plate Evolved Into an Icon
Ron actually appeared on the local news as "License plate expert/enthusiast." Guess that's a thing. (hobbyDB)

Hot Dog! You’ll Relish These Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Collectibles
Fun fact: Ron actually had a shot at the Weinermobile job but got roasted in the interview. (hobbyDB)

Hot Wheels Goes Postal With U.S. Postage Stamps Set
Ron wrote about Hot Wheels and toy cars and collecting a lot for this website. (hobbyDB)

For Halloween, You’re Gonna Need an Ambulance or Hearse
Holidays were always good fodder for columns at hobbyDB. (hobbyDB)

Christmas Presents of Past Become Toy Collection of Present
Ron had a pretty great childhood (except for the Great Yard Sale of '74). (hobbyDB)

Hot Wheels Illustrator Otto Kuhni Has Died, But His Art Lives On
One of America's most prolific artists, even if you never heard of him. (Model Car Hall of Fame)

Hot Wheels/Kellogg’s Terry Labonte Chevy Monte Carlo
For most collectors, it's about the hunt as well as the finish line. (DiecastX)


Ron occasionally contributes to Uni-Watch, a website about the aesthetics of sports uniforms and such.

A Team Grows in Brooklyn: Meet the Branches!
A satirical look at the origins of a fictional minor league baseball team! (Uni-Watch)

A Close Look at a Nuggets Logo
Big-league sports team makes big-time error on their logo. (Uni-Watch)


Ron maintains his own blog to write about whatever keeps him up at night. Which is a lot, as it turns out.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines? No, You Do It, I’m Busy!
Some pearls of wisdom are beautiful. Some are just stupid. (Ron's Blog)

¡Punctuation and Grammar Need Work!
Punctuation matters, people! Especially at 3:00 AM. (Ron's Blog)

Which Chocolate Chip Cookie, Sausage Ball, or Rock Are You? A Quiz!
This may be the most important online personality quiz you'll ever take. (Ron's Blog)

Postmodern Postmortem: “Waffles and Beer”
Ron is very good at many things. Oil painting may or may not be one of them. (Ron's Blog)

Overheard at Wendy’s, Wednesday, 12:32 PM, (If You Were There to Overhear Me)
There's one thing that makes it a bacon burger. This should not be that difficult to grok. (Ron's Blog)

You Don’t Care About This One Bit. Which Is Why You Should Watch It
Media consumption and the truth are kind of important, don't you think? (Ron's Blog)

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...Then go here! Ron promises to update it more often! (Ron Ruelle Blogcasting System Homepage)

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