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Ron Ruelle created cartoons and illustrations for Hemophilia Health Services from 1993 to 2010. The cartoons shown here are from Bloodstone magazine, which was a quarterly publication of HHS. These cartoons were designed to educate kids with hemophilia as well as their families. A recurring topic is dealing with medical equipment that most other kids don't have to worry about, such as hypodermic needles. Some of the cartoons relate to special summer camps for kids with hemophilia, and some have nothing to do with hemophilia at all, as a reminder that there are other things to think about in life. There are no specific recurring characters, by the way.

stargazing comic cartoon


snow angel comic cartoon


campfire story comic cartoon


cafeteria comic cartoon


miniature golf comic cartoon


merit badges comic cartoon


And a few illustrations from the HHS Annual Report. They wanted a slightly less cartoony style for this project...

doctor baby checkup comic cartoon

house visit case worker comic cartoon


fed ex delivery comic cartoon

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